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At Binstellar experienced developers make up our staff, and they are dedicated to meeting your needs with high-quality, dependable solutions. In addition, the team has the necessary qualifications and expertise to produce high-quality applications quickly and precisely. You can employ MEAN Stack web developers on an hourly, part-time, full-time & hybrid allocations basis, depending on your needs. We can help you find the finest resources to work on your project. Please contact us for more information.


Mean Stack Development Services

Our professional MEAN stack developers are constantly looking ahead to the next opportunity to give result-driven and unique MEAN stack solutions by using their years of experience as well as their skills in MVC, Angular, SSR, Database, Node & JavaScript. You can hire a MEAN Stack developer or a team for your project's requirements, and you can engage us on a weekly, monthly, or recurring basis.

  • MEAN Stack eCommerce Development

    MEAN Stack eCommerce Development

    We design easy, responsive eCommerce apps utilising various technology, 3rd party system & Databases like MySQL, MsSql, MongoDB, NoSQL, JavaScript, FireBase, CRM, ERP, SAP etc.. to boost company efficiency. Hire MEAN developers today!

  • MEAN Stack Web Development

    MEAN Stack Web Development

    Our MEAN stack professionals design single-page and multi-page hybrid web applications utilising ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS, Angular Alpine, BootStrape, Micro Services & other latest JS-based frameworks.

  • MEAN Stack CMS Development

    MEAN Stack CMS Development

    Our expert MEAN stack developers create versatile, resilient, quick, and feature-rich online, component, and corporate content management systems for SMEs and large enterprises.

  • MEAN Stack ERP Development

    MEAN Stack ERP Development

    We design cost-effective, scalable, cross-device MEAN solutions using our ERP development knowledge simplifying company operations.

  • MEAN Stack API Development

    MEAN Stack API Development

    Our developers create safe, scalable APIs to overcome digital divides. With our API development and documentation expertise, you can easily connect and access data by best industry standard best practices.

  • MEAN Stack Support & Maintenance Services

    MEAN Stack Support & Maintenance Services

    We provide maintenance and support services so that you can concentrate on other business needs. Post MEAN stack development, we provide free or low-cost after-sales support.


Our Core Services

  • Strategy


    Building things that have never been done before is a common strategy followed at Binstellar. We research, clarify business and audience goals and establish a common vision.

  • Wireframe


    Capturing the wrongs before the implementation is our expertise. We implement this with our wireframe services. Let’s take the first step towards success with a user-centric wireframe.

  • Design


    Our strong design foundations help us to unify the complex purpose-driven thoughts and components into an empathetic, simple and clear user experience.

  • Development


    Development should be precise. As a leading web development company, we ensure any software or website or web app should work flawlessly for any user at any time.

  • Testing


    Our testing/QA services make us proud, as we go left to right and top to bottom and check the errors, making the software flawless from function to quality.


Our Work

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN stack development services are a wonderful option because of their reliability and consistency. MongoDB, Express, Angular, and NodeJS make up the MEAN Stack. Through MEAN Stack, a single developer is capable of creating both the back end and front end of the application. Investing in a MEAN Stack development firm is advantageous for organisations across all industries and sectors.

Absolutely! A single platform, seamless communication, and in-house personnel with extensive knowledge are all advantages of using the MEAN stack while developing web applications for the web. From development to delivery, the time of the project life cycle is shortened, accelerating growth at a much faster pace.

The cost of recruiting and maintaining employees is decreased when MEAN stack engineers are hired from an offshore development team. Instead of hiring freelance MEAN stack developers who do not provide ongoing support, choosing in-house staff ensures committed MEAN stack developers, high-quality solutions, and after-sales support.

Yes, our work models are flexible. We employ people on an hourly basis, and you may pay our developers according to the number of hours put in. You also get real-time work progress reports.

If you engage our MEAN Stack development team, you can expect them to work on your project full-time or as much as you need them to at your direction.

Three to seven weeks is about average for a web development project length of time. As a result, no project can be completed in a specific amount of time because of its size, kind of customisation and integration as well as features and functions. At the start of the project, you get a comprehensive plan with no additional fees.

Our Agile software engineers are well-versed in a wide range of traditional as well as cloud-based technologies. In addition, our developers have a minimum of 4+ years of experience. As a result, we can provide you with solutions and best practices for your diverse business needs.

Partner with Mean Stack developers from Binstellar to design safe and dependable web apps using MEAN technology. Our developers have extensive skills and expertise. Our MEAN Stack development services are real-time and ensure user-experience consistency. Employing MongoDB developers without paying more than required will provide the highest-quality results.

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