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shopy catch portfolio
Tech Stack: Shopify
Located in the heart of Melbourne, Shopycatch is a one-stop eCommerce store for the latest and greatest vitamins, supplements, products, and tonics. By building a platform that makes it easy for people in Australia to make purchases, Shoppy Catch brings top-of-the-line hair care, cosmetics, skincare, health, and wellness products. Customers get premium supplements and nutritious products from well-known companies all around the world and have them delivered right to their doorstep.

UI/UX, Shopify Development, QA

Product Search and Filtering

This includes features such as keyword search, category filters, and advanced search options to help users quickly find the products they are looking for.

Product Recommendations

This includes features such as personalised product recommendations based on the user’s browsing history or purchase history.

Product Descriptions

This includes a feature that allows users to read detailed product descriptions, including ingredients, usage instructions, and any warnings or precautions.

Secure checkout

Leveraging the SSL with integrated Shopify security features by following OWASP compliance for security & PCI compliance for payment transactions.
ecommerce shopy catch

Challenges & Solutions

  • The challenge was to migrate data from Magento to Shopify.
  • Magento and Shopify have different APIs and integration points, so any third-party integrations had to be reconfigured or replaced.
  • Magento and Shopify have different data structures and database schemas, therefore we had to reformat the data to the correct fields in Shopify.
  • Magento has a wide range of features and extensions that may not be available in Shopify, so custom functionality had to be rebuilt or replaced.
  • Overall, migrating data from Magento to Shopify was proven to be a complex process that required careful planning and execution to ensure that all data is transferred correctly and that any custom functionality or integrations are not lost in the process.

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