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alum frame portfolio

Tech Stack:  Android, Laravel, MySQL, restAPI

The AlumFrame application simplifies the creation of custom window and door frames, office dividers, and sliding windows for construction and restoration projects. From creating drawings to automatically generating quotes as the design is being developed, AlumFrame enables the flexibility that is necessary for a modern workforce.
  • Tech Consultations.
  • APP development services for Android.
  • Database.
  • Web admin panel development in Laravel framework.
  • Logo design.
  • QA and deployment.

Design And Draw Pvc,uPVC And Aluminium Window And Door

The application helps user design casement and sliding windows and door effectively including various types of double side, triple side and quad-side sliding windows

Measurement And Calculation Tools

The application includes measurement and calculation tools such as profile length and glass area calculation that allow users to accurately determine the dimensions and quantities of materials needed for designs.

Automatic Generation Of Estimates

The application allows users to input project details and automatically generate a detailed estimate, including price to materials (PVC, UPVC, Aluminum), and overhead.

Virtual Consultation

Virtual care to conduct follow-up visits or check in on chronic patients with a low duration commitment.
alumframe application


The challenge was in providing an intuitive computation login with a better user interface for the user to be able to do the calculation, verify the availability of the components, and obtain an estimate. Also, the app needed comprehensive data security because it is going to handle sensitive data such as designs and cost estimates, so it was important to ensure that this data is protected against unauthorised access or breaches.


We studied a large amount of raw data from the client’s calculations and developed a smart logic, which we then implemented in the APP to ensure error-free calculations for the end user.

The database was designed using a robust and highly secure encrypted method to ensure the utmost security during user sessions between the APP and the server.

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