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Use The Power Of Best Security & Performance Laravel Feature In The Development

Laravel framework is the leading PHP framework for building custom software applications. As of now it remains the most developer friendly PHP framework as per the star ratings on Github. The security and performance are the two most important aspects that Laravel ensures.

Let us unveil some of the most talked about security and performance advantages of Laravel framework.

Easy to implement authentication and authorisation

Since the web app security largely depends upon authenticating users and preventing intrusions from unauthorised users, no web developer can take this lightly.

One of the biggest benefits of Laravel framework is the ease of implementing user authentication. Laravel framework is also known for easier organisation of authoritarian logic and ease of controlling resources.

Integrated Mail Services

Laravel comes with integrated mail services that allows easily sending notifications to the emails of users corresponding to important updates and following important events. A modern web app needs to send email notifications after every event, even after a successful login.

Laravel comes with an easy API for mail service integration. The framework also offers drivers for various modern web protocols such as SMTP, Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, “mail” function of PHP, etc.

All these protocols and integrated mail services help the website to send email notification either through a local server or a cloud service. Laravel also supports sending notifications across a multitude of channels including apps like Slack or SMS.

Great repository of sophisticated web development tools

When it is the demand of the hour to build a fast paced application with a faster development time, Laravel with its sophisticated web development tools just fits in.

Laravel offers full support to widely used cache backend solutions such as Memcached and Redis out-of-the-box.

On the other hand, Laravel by default is designed to utilise the file cache driver, making caching automatically easier. The framework also allows configuring multiple caching mechanisms.

Easy fixes to security issues

Exposure to security risks and vulnerabilities continuously goes along the web application development. According to security experts there are many security vulnerabilities that a web project is exposed to during the development phase. Some of these vulnerabilities include cross site scripting, SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, etc.

Laravel comes with inbuilt tools and security safeguards to protect against these vulnerabilities. On top of that, Laravel as a framework is secure with a highly safeguarded codebase.

Dealing with configuration errors and exceptions

It is a well known truth that the way configuration and errors are handled by a framework can have a really big impact on the app performance. How user committed errors are handled by the app can be significant to the user experience of the app. For example, users often make errors while filling up data entry forms. In case of errors it is important for the app to notify the users about the errors. Sending error messages in case wrong data entry is an example of efficient error handling.

When errors are not handled properly users may have an impression that the faults lie with the app and can decide to go away from the app. This is how absence of error handling can lead to the loss of users.

In this respect, Laravel framework has an edge as it is well equipped and configured for all kinds of error and exception handling. Any new Laravel-based web development project will be able to utilise these error and exception handling capabilities right away. On top of that, Laravel also comes with an integrated Monolog logging library that continuously offers support to a range of capable log handlers.

Testing automation

Whether it is the performance or the security of a web project, testing and evaluation is of seminal importance for the success of a web app project. The evaluation and testing of the website or web app considers whether it can crash in different situations and stress levels, the presence of the bugs and coding errors and other issues. To make testing and evaluation easier for any web project, these days automation testing is preferred by most projects.

Laravel is well equipped and fully configured keeping the testing requirements in mind. Within Laravel you already get extensive support to carry out testing with PHPUnit and you also get a phpunit.xml file for the app testing. On the other hand, the framework is also capable of delivering easy to use helper methods to help with easier and expressive app testing. Lastly, to make testing more proactive Laravel also offers easier ways to simulate the behavior patterns of app users such as tapping on links, filling forms, tapping on buttons, etc.

Understanding user intent through URL routing

Users generally access a web application by either typing a URL link or just by clicking on links. When clicking or typing the link they have certain expectations about content such as an article, video, image, contact form, product description etc. Without the presence of URL routing, it becomes difficult for the web app to understand the user intent behind visiting the web page and this can lead to displaying error pages or just a blank page.

In this respect, the well defined routes of Laravel come to help. All routes of Laravel based web apps are defined and can be accessed through the app/Http/routes.php file. Laravel automatically loads this file consisting of all the defined routes. Now as for defining the routes Laravel uses a very easy and simple method to define routes consisting just a URI and a Closure.


Last but not the least of all advantages of Laravel is that it is a MVC framework making the code of business logic separate from that of the presentation. This capability of Laravel always helps web designers tweak the look and feel of the website without requiring any changes with the core website code and development attributes.

All these features and capabilities made Laravel a winning PHP framework that continues to rise in popularity. If you are looking for a high performance framework with robust security features and optimum ease of use, there is not a better option than Laravel.



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