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Take leverage of the Magento 2 eCommerce feature in your startup eCommerce business

Magento is already known for its robust ecosystem offering almost everything that a modern e-commerce site needs. With the release of Magento 2 this ecosystem received a further boost. There are several key feature enhancements with the latest Magento edition that fits the needs of e-commerce startups.

When Magento was released for the first time back in 2008, it was aimed for small and medium eCommerce ventures and startups. Soon, Magento was embraced by big e-commerce stores thanks to its robust features, extensive ecosystem and high performance.

Some of the key features that over the years made Magento a winning solution for e-commerce stores include the capability to build multiple storefronts, multilingual

and multi-currency support, inbuilt SEO features, ease of managing stores, high level of custmisation with robust plug-in and theme store and several others.

In all these years, Magento continued to come with regular improvements and the many challenges cited by the Magento developers corresponding to Magento became history with the release of Magento 2. The latest edition of Magento is well equipped to address all the needs of e-commerce stores across the niches. Particularly, small and medium e-commerce ventures can be tremendously benefited with Magento 2 features and all the value added enhancements.

The key enhancements that the latest Magento edition offers

Security feature enhancements

With the Magento 2 the security features have been greatly stressed and several new enhancements have been there. Some of the key enhancements offered by latest Magento edition include the following.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

This works as an additional security layer to an e-commerce store to protect the store from all kinds of malicious efforts and intrusions. Two-factor authentication actually provides active protection from the hacking efforts as it asks for the user identity proof by sending a security code to the registered mobile number of the user.

  • Google ReCAPTCHA

New Magento edition offers a Google reCAPTCHA tool that can easily detect all kinds of Spam activities. This is another Magento feature that protects an e-commerce site from malicious bots and all kinds of hacking attempts.

  • Cache Management ACL

The new Magento edition also comes with a caching feature to ensure faster loading time and easier access. The new Magento offers multiple options to manage store cache. With this new feature ecommerce stores can use options such as advanced-cache permissions and get access to several controls of this module.

Performance feature enhancements

The new Magento edition also offers several key enhancements in respect of e-commerce store performance as well. Some of the key enhancements on the performance front include the following.

  • PHP 7.2 Support

The latest Magento edition supports PHP 7.2 that incorporates enhanced security, higher performance, and easier accessibility for the e-commerce developers.

  • Libsodium

This Magento edition also delivers full support to the Libsodium module. The module is known for more powerful encryption and PHP 7.2 support.

These features and enhancements apart, the new Magento edition ensures better performance for several reasons that include concurrent cache access making the load time faster, faster page rendering and quick loading of gallery and product pages.

Value addition with new functionalities

There are several value additions with the latest Magento edition that makes the job of developers easier in more ways than one. On the other hand, the new Magento also came with built-in support for latest web technologies such as PWA.

Let’s have a quick look at these value additions.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Studio

This new module with the latest Magento edition will help e-commerce businesses build a store that will open as a website but behave as a mobile commerce app. The value addition will only help boost brand engagement and enhance business conversion.

Thanks to this developers can make use of one standard theme that will work across both mobile and web. Thanks to PWA studio, the e-commerce store will have lightning loading speed and the time to market for websites will be minimum. On the other hand, this will also reduce the cost of ecommerce site development instead of building a separate mobile app can just go for a PWA.


With the popularity of PWAs and its fast loading benefits, the data requests and API requests are also likely to increase. The introduction of GraphQL, a specific query language in this respect will benefit a lot. By using APIs it is capable of addressing a specific number of requests. It also helps fetching answers to requests in real time by chaining multiple requests. There is a new dedicated layer with the latest Magento edition to allow straightforward interaction with GraphQL API.

Page Builder

Magento’s latest edition offers a dedicated page builder. The tool comes with the following features.

  • There is a new drag and drop page builder interface with Magento 2
  • Support for various content types such as images and videos.
  • There is a functionality preview allowing non-technical users to manage content easily without the help of Magento developers.
  • Allows editing of the e-commerce store content and features in real time.

To be precise, the new page builder tool offers a lot of help in building a new page and it makes it easier to edit product pages and categories. Most importantly, the page builder tool ensures faster upgrades and updating of web content even by the non technical people. The ease of Magento development and ease of use is guaranteed by this new value addition in Magento 2.


With such awesome capabilities in enhancing the security and performance of e-commerce stores, Magento 2 is naturally a hot favourite for small e-commerce startups across the niches. The clarity of code and easier maintenance makes Magento 2 a favourite among e-commerce stores of all categories and sizes. The streamlined architecture of the Magento 2 also makes it a compelling solution for online stores across all niches.



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