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driving test app

Tech Stack: Android Native, iOS Native, MAP Box Geo Map SDK, MERN Stack.

Test Routes is a driving test APP designed to help UK residents to prepare for their official driving test by providing interactive practice tests, tutorials, and feedback on their performance. 

By guiding users along a predetermined path, the TestRoutes app mimics the role of a professional driving instructor and helps novice drivers deal with the hazards of the road in a realistic setting.

  • Tech & Business consultations. 
  • APP development services for Android & iOS native. 
  • MERN stack development service. for the web admin panel. development.
  • Web Development.
  • UI/UX & Logo design.
  • QA & deployment.

Intuitive UI/UX

We created a UI/UX design that enhances the overall user experience making it easier for users to find what they are looking for and we achieved it.

Geo MAP Integration

Several geolocation-based real-time SDKs have been integrated to check business unique needs. Finally, we collaborated with the TomTom Geo MAP Satellite Navigation SDK, and on top of that, we achieved the next-level customization for the MAP features in APP and which makes the business success.

geo map integration


While the end user practices any preset test route and deviates from the defined route, the APP can automatically show a re-route to bring the driver back to their predefined practice route, helping them learn driving effectively.

The APP captures real-time driving routes when the candidate takes the real test exam. It then re-draws these real test driving routes to provide more practice routes, similar to the actual driving test exam, for other users in specific locations.


Our tech team conducted extensive research on various MAP SDKs and developed highly customized and niche solutions to achieve the display of user re-routing when they deviate from the defined test routes.

We implemented an algorithm in the APP that helps create new routes when a candidate attends the real test exam at DTC (Driving Test Center). These new routes are immediately made available to all nearby DTC users, allowing the APP to provide more accurate practice routes to the user.

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