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iOS | Android | React.JS | Node.JS | MongoDB

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Web & Mobile APP

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U.K Britain


Test Routes is a driving test APP designed to help UK residents to prepare for their official driving test by providing interactive practice tests, tutorials, and feedback on their performance. 
By guiding users along a predetermined path, the TestRoutes app mimics the role of a professional driving instructor and helps novice drivers deal with the hazards of the road in a realistic setting.



The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges was to find the balance between having a visually appealing design and optimising for search engines. Another challenge was making the website user-friendly and accessible while ensuring it was easy for search engines to crawl and index the content.
  • To overcome these challenges, we conducted thorough research on the target audience and their needs. This helped us make informed design decisions that prioritise both aesthetics and SEO.
  • We also used best practices for on-page SEO, such as using descriptive header tags and optimising the website’s content and images for search engines.
  • Additionally, we employed responsive design techniques to ensure the website is optimised for different devices and screen sizes.
  • By keeping the website user-friendly and SEO-friendly, we ensured that it attracts and retains visitors, while also increasing its visibility in search engines.

The Solution

In spite of this challenge of faulty development by using a problematic API, our developers at Binstellar started afresh by embracing the new Mapbox API and began building the app from scratch.

This time everything just went fine and the final app output came just following the app objectives and developer expectations in every bit.

The Result

By using the Mapbox API, our developers could build the TestRoutes app with the desired navigation to allow the drivers to get back to the original starting point of the test route without any difficulty. 

This time with the new API, the app delivered the performance and navigation feature as per the original expectations set by the project. The app helps the user to learn, practice, find different routes from multiple centers and even choose the final exam route as their practice route. Ultimately, the app is a complete solution for passionate new learners who want to gain excellence in driving.



Intuitive UI/UX

We created a UI/UX design that enhances the overall user experience making it easier for users to find what they are looking for and how to download the APP from the application stores.


SEO Friendly Development

We optimised the content, keywords, and technical elements for it to rank higher in app stores and attract more organic downloads.


Geo MAP Integration

Several geolocation-based real-time SDKs have been integrated to check business unique needs. Finally, we collaborated with the TomTom Geo MAP Satellite Navigation SDK, and on top of that, we achieved the next-level customization for the MAP features in APP and which makes the business success.


MERN Stack




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