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Magento Speed Optimization

Magento 2 Speed Optimisation

Make the most of your Magento shop by increasing client satisfaction and efficiency!!

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Your Store Will Be 10x Faster

67 per cent of Magento shop owners are experiencing technical difficulties that their teams are unable to resolve. We assist them in overcoming technological complexity, internal knowledge gaps, and optimization experience gaps. We’ve optimised over 100 high-volume Magento shops since 2015, and we can tell you firsthand how a speedier store changes your online company.

Goodbye, Slow Page Loading

Improve the speed of your website. Increase your revenue and client happiness.

According to Google, as page load time increases, the bounce rate increases as well.

  • 123% – when the page load time ranges from 1 to 10 seconds
  • 106% – when the page load time ranges from 1 to 6 seconds
  • 90% – when the page load time ranges from 1 to 5 seconds
  • 30% – when the page load time ranges from 1 to 3 seconds

What effect does web speed have on sales and brand reputation?

– Data and statistics

2% lift: Walmart discovered that a 1-second reduction in page load time results in a 2% increase in conversions.

$1.6 billion: Amazon estimated that a one-second delay in site load time may cost $1.6 billion per year.

Dissatisfaction: During Black Friday, Macy’s website had a problem, and their Twitter feed was flooded with angry customer comments.The speed at which online pages are downloaded and displayed on a user’s web browser is referred to as website performance. Customer retention and revenues are unquestionably improved by faster websites.

Do you want to improve the speed of your website and its overall performance?

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Are you experiencing any of these issues?

Not only does website performance influence whether consumers remain on your page for an extended period of time, but also if they discover it in the top search results.

  • Page loading time is excessive.
  • Reduced search engine ranks
  • High rate of bounce
  • Cart abandonment rate is very high.
  • Sales are declining.
  • Leaving clients

What are the possible causes?

Once you’ve identified the issues, start looking for the following important factors:

  • There are too many third-party extensions and plugins, which causes problems.
  • Themes that are bloated and difficult to understand
  • Multimedia that is incompatible
  • Extensions that are unusable for large-scale events
  • Magento core version that is no longer supported

Evaluate The Performance of Your Website

Where Can I Find Magento 2 Performance Optimization Services?

In the industry, there are many companies offering Magento 2 page speed optimization Services. However, not all of them can thoroughly examine your website for the correct issues and offer relevant and suitable remedies. You will get great technical support and service while dealing with us.

  • Expert Analysis Look into the details to find the correct issues, such as HTML code, images, servers, redirects, and more.
  • Certified Web Developers Provide you with in-house web developers that are highly qualified to provide the finest possible website performance optimization results
  • Guaranteed Results You will see a measurable increase in your conversions, rankings, and customer happiness.
  • Multi-Device Optimisation Optimize the performance of your website across all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Numbers speak for themselves.

We understand how to speed up a website because

7+                               of experience in Magento

50k                            global customers in 120 countries

4 Million                 downloads with high ratings

#1                               popular magento extension builder

What shall we do together?

#1 Process

These are straightforward procedures for optimising a website.

  • Step 1: You fill out the contact form to get in touch with one of our representatives.
  • Step 2: We use tools to assess the performance of your website.
  • Step 3: We respond with a performance report and our strategy.
  • Step 4: Our developers put the strategy into action and keep you informed on the progress.

#2 Process

Things we need to do to make your website faster

  • Examine Your Webpage.
  • Magento core optimization.
  • Fix and optimise 3rd-party extensions and themes.
  • Rewrite the previously customised code.
  • Increase the scalability of your store.

#3 Process

After the optimization, you will get calculated outcomes.

  • Google PageSpeed optimizer Magento 2: achieving a perfect Green score on every page
  • Passing all of the Google Pagespeed Insights tests.
  • New response time of the serverless than 300 milliseconds.
  • For cached sites, the backend server response time will be less than 300 milliseconds.

Even with 3x-5x traffic surges during peak hours, holiday shopping seasons, and sales campaigns, there will be no delays.

Audit of a Website’s Performance

But first, let us begin to get to know one another. Let us examine the performance of your website.

Analyze Bottlenecks  Detailed Reports

Perform a website performance assessment before choosing whether or not to get it fixed by us.

Let’s Get Started

Take a comprehensive look at your website.

We assist you in doing a comprehensive crawl of your whole website in order to identify issues.

Examine any bottlenecks.

Determine what is causing the website to slow down and cart abandonment.

Reports that are detailed and in-depth

Reports on the performance of the backend, frontend, and hosting, as well as ways to speed up the whole system.

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