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Integrating Magento 2 With ERP System

The benefits of Magento ERP Integrations outweighs its cost. Magento ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is gaining popularity among small to medium-sized businesses. One way of describing ERP is a centralised system that provides integration with all the major functions of your eCommerce business including finance, sales, customer relation, orders, analytics, as well as other connected application functions. When orders, inventory, shipping details and customer data are all synced effortlessly, your online store saves time and money in doing what it does best.

Filling up the details manually like shipping address, customer information, and product information is more prone to human errors. You put your customer experience and business at stake by opting for a traditional route that is doomed to fail. Tens and thousands of B2C and B2B merchants are opting for Magento CRM and ERP systems from market leaders such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Epicor, and more.

Why Connecting Magento 2 With ERP Is Good For Your Business?

When a customer visits your eCommerce store, you want the overall experience to be positive without hassles. When you integrate eCommerce and enterprise resource planning systems, you get access to real-time data which gives your customers a more accurate picture of product availability and pricing.

ERP streamlines critical data such as product information, prices, customers info, orders, and shipping data in a unified form. Reduce support calls, increase inventory visibility, and manage cost-effectively by integrating with Magento ERP integration.

#1 Microsoft Dynamics Integration for Magento 2

Microsoft Dynamics is the next-gen cloud application that goes beyond the traditional ERP system. Achieve better decision-making for your eCommerce business by identifying issues before they arise. Increase overall productivity that directly transforms into improved results with end-to-end cloud applications. With a holistic view of your online store, you will be able to quickly respond to changes in regulations or requirements. A well-defined ERP system is a prerequisite requirement for business expansion, and Microsoft Dynamics delivers that.

Features Benefits
Easy To Use & DeployFully Integrates with Microsoft 365 Products
Optimised OperationsReduce Sales Cycle
Aligned TeamsCustomisable
Unified DataEnhanced Customer Service
Integrated ToolsIncreased Productivity

Consult Haresh

12 years of experience as a Microsoft Dynamics developer in managing and controlling purchasing and logistics processes.

Expertise: Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Excel, Pricing, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft SQL SSRS

#2 Oracle NetSuite Integration ERP for Magento 2

Small to medium-sized businesses are embracing the Magento2 eCommerce platform to power their online storefronts with Oracle NetSuite ERP. Sharpen forecast, reduce costs, and innovate more with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP which gives you the power to adapt to processes and business models quickly. When Oracle can access customer data and online sales from Magento Commerce, you as a merchant get a holistic picture of the overall performance of your business.

Features Benefits
Reporting & AnalyticsEasy Accessibility
Accounting HubContinuous Automatic Upgrades
Revenue ManagementLower TCO
Expense ManagementFaster Time To Value
Joint Venture ManagementScalability & Integration

Consult Viram

10 years + experience with enterprise resource systems implementing vital process improvements to reduce costs and data integrity.

Expertise: Node.js, WordPress, Oracle PL/SQL, PHP

#3 SAP ERP For Magento 2

SAP offers a wide range of functionalities in the market to small businesses and large organisations in making management decisions. Employees across divisions get consistent information, as everyone shares one central ERP database with synchronised reports and automation. Flexibility, extendibility, and possibility is another name for Magento SAP integration, allowing online stores to adapt to systems effortlessly.

Features Benefits
Asset ManagementImproved Customer Satisfaction
Inventory ManagementEasy Scalability
Sales & Purchasing ManagementInstant Real-Time Information
Product ManagementHighly Customisable
Quality ManagementTrack All Transactions

Consult Niksan

9 years of proven experience in ERP & CRM software selection, development, customisation, and maintenance.

Expertise: SAP SD, SAP ERP, SAP MM Consultant, SAP Materials Management

#4 Epicor ERP System

Epicor ERP system simplifies processes for the eCommerce companies by integrating the online store so that the daily business functions can be managed effortlessly with increased scalability and productivity. Streamline data handling and inventory management including products, orders, categories, billing information, shipping details. Scale your operations moving forward by mitigating risks and handling errors.

Features Benefits
Human Capital ManagementStreamlined Order Process
Customer Relationship ManagementEnhanced Employee Productivity
Production ManagementReduced Operational Cost
Global Business ManagementImproved Order To Fulfillment Times
Governance, Risk and ComplianceEradication of repetitive errors

Consult Pritam

Epicor ERP Technical consultant with over 10 years of experience in the development, enhancement, integration and customisation of ERPs.

Expertise: ERP SystemsProject Management, Scrum Master, C#, VB.Net

#5 Odoo ERP for Magento 2

Odoo will streamline many aspects of your eCommerce store, from accounting and inventory to project management. Once Odoo is integrated into Magento 2, merchants can avail the advantages of both platforms by automating and simplifying the data management process. Connect Odoo and Magento to sync your sales orders, catalogues, invoices, and more with easy integration.

Features Benefits
Multi-Store eCommerceEase of Customisation
Easily Track PerformanceHighly Secured
Sales Data AnalyticsUpdated Technology
Product ManagementEasy To Learn & User Friendly
Integrated ToolsResponsive Community

Consult Mehul

8 years of experience in ERP customisation, building and refining business processes.

Expertise: Odoo, Business Analysis, Marketing & Sales                

ERP + eCommerce = Better Together

Enterprise resource planning systems are the future. If your eCommerce platform is not integrated with the ERP system, then it is time you do that.  Delaying integration might cause you to lose customers to your competitors and stifle your growth.

Whether you are a startup, small to medium-sized business, or a large scale organisation, get all-around benefits of integrating your eCommerce with an ERP system so that:

  • You can better serve your customers with real-time inventory data
  • Simplify local, cross-border, and international tax compliance
  • Always strive for “on-time delivery” of your products
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and more.

Every business is looking for new ways of generating revenue. Boost your sales and drive profits with increased productivity and automation only with ERP systems for Magneto 2.



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