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Woocommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce development platforms which is well known for its modularity, flexibility, ease of building web stores and a lot of customisation options. Binstellar is a leading Woocommerce development company with a multitude of successful Woocommerce web store projects in its portfolio.


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By utilising the powerful features and customisation options of Woocommerce you can develop robust e-commerce stores and mobile commerce apps with exceptional shopping experience. Binstellar ensures developing high performance, lean and powerful Woocommerce web stores with sophisticated shopping experience.

Our Services

Woocommerce Development Services

Binstellar offers comprehensive Woocommerce development services catering to each and every requirement in an e-commerce project. We provide all types of Woocommerce development services ranging from ideation and design prototyping to development to migration to support and maintenance.

Our Services

WooCommerce Development Services

Binstellar offers comprehensive WooCommerce development services catering to each and every requirement in an e-commerce project. We provide all types of WooCommerce development services ranging from ideation and design prototyping to development to migration to support and maintenance.

WooCommerce Web Store Development

Binstellar provides high performance enterprise web and mobile commerce solutions thanks to an expert and experienced WooCommerce development team having a strong portfolio of high-performance, customer-centric, scalable web stores.

WooCommerce Migration

Binstellar boasts a team of leading WooCommerce experts who can help migrate any existing e-commerce store or business website to switch to the WooCommerce platform.

WooCommerce Web Design

At Binstellar, the WooCommerce web designers can help you to get the best of WooCommerce design tools to meet the UI and UX expectations of customers from the web store.

WooCommerce Consulting

Binstellar also offers expert WooCommerce consulting and optimization services to address the technical and strategic business aspects in order to optimise business conversion.

WooCommerce Integration

Binstellar boasts of the expertise in integrating WooCommerce with a range of other technologies, tools and several third-party services that can help you boost the power of WooCommerce based web stores.

WooCommerce Support & Maintenance

Binstellar also offers continuous support and maintenance services to address the business specific needs and all shortcomings that evolve over time.

General Knowledge of

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce remains to be the easy to use, highly customisable and flexible open source e-commerce platform that addresses the needs of online retailers with a really scalable, customer-centric and intuitive shopping experience. WooCommerce comes loaded with all advanced features for modern web stores and allows customising the shopping experience with an array of plugins for every specific needs including online sales and marketing, CRM, SEO, inventory-management, etc.

WooCommerce comes basically as the WordPress plug-in for adding e-commerce and web store features. If you have an existing WordPress website, you can easily integrate e-commerce features and shopping cart through Woocommerce plug-in and can avail the advanced WooCommerce functionalities for business conversion.

In spite of the fact that WooCommerce is loaded with all key web store features and functionalities of an advanced web store, building a great e-commerce store by utilising the potential of WooCommerce platform you need the experts and experienced developers. This is why it is important to hire a Woocommerce development company having a strong portfolio of successful Woocommerce projects and years of frontline experience in e-commerce development.

At Binstellar you get the most experienced team of expert WooCommerce developers and designers who can build high-performance, instantly engaging, sophisticated, feature rich, customer-centric and thoroughly result driven web stores. Binstellar boasts of a solid portfolio of several successful e-commerce stores built on the WooCommerce platform.

The development time for a WooCommerce web store obviously depends on the features, project size and complexity, developer expertise and skills, the UI/UX attributes, the preferred development tools and the chosen development methodologies. Irrespective of all these variable factors BinStellar can complete a WooCommerce web store or e-commerce project comparatively at a faster pace thanks to agile methodologies and the expert input of our seasoned WooCommerce developers.

Just as the development time, the development cost of a WooCommerce web store depends on the project size and complexity, e-commerce features, the UI/UX attributes and the development method and approaches. At Binstellar, we ensure building a robust e-commerce store at the most competitive rate and we further help you to embrace MVP development approach to cut short the initial development cost.

Binstellar, the large and most talented team of experienced WooCommerce developers have already worked in many successful web and e-commerce projects based upon WooCommerce . We boast of many of the industry’s best WooCommerce developer talents with years of experience and exceptional track record.

Dedicated developers are always known for their exceptional commitment to quality and excellence and they are sought after for any challenging project that needs continuous effort and inputs. By hiring a team of dedicated WooCommerce developers from BinStellar, you can ensure giving your project the best of the WooCommerce platform and its key strengths.

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