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White Label PPC Services for Agencies & Consultants

We focus on delivering custom PPC solutions that enhance your service offerings without the overhead of managing the campaigns in-house.
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happy clients
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Explore Our White Label PPC Services

We help you extend your agency’s capabilities without the need for in-depth expertise in every area of PPC management, allowing you to focus on growing your client relationships and business.

Campaign Strategy and Setup

Starting with an understanding of your unique challenges, we design and set up PPC campaigns created to meet specific goals. Our strategic approach ensures your campaigns are primed to capture your target audience effectively, focusing on high-intent keywords and optimized ad placements to maximize your budget efficiency and drive results.

Keyword Research and Management

One of the biggest hurdles in PPC is selecting and managing the right keywords. We handle comprehensive keyword research and continuous management to ensure your ads appear for the correct search terms, keeping your campaigns relevant and cost-effective.

Ad Creation and Optimization

Creating engaging and compelling ads can be challenging. We take over this process by designing high-quality ads that resonate with your audience, optimizing both copy and visuals to improve click-through rates and conversions.

Conversion Tracking and Analytics

Understanding what actions your audience takes after clicking your ads is crucial. We implement robust conversion tracking and use analytics to monitor ad performance meticulously. This data drives ongoing optimization, ensuring your campaigns continuously improve and deliver desired outcomes.

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Reporting and Insights

Regular reporting can get overwhelming. We simplify this by providing clear, concise, and actionable insights. Our reports help you understand campaign performance at a glance, making it easier to make informed decisions about future PPC strategies.

Pricing List

Starting from $35 /hour
Monthly Management Fees
Up to $3000$450
$3001 - $5000$600
$5001 - $10,00015%
$10,001 and more12%
$500 - $800
$250 /campaign set-up

Hire a Dedicated Paid Ads Specialist

Our goal is to help you achieve your business targets through effective and strategic paid advertising, ensuring a seamless and productive partnership.
Paid media specialist$1200 - $2600$2000 - $5000
Programmatic expert$1800 - $2500$3000 - $4200
Note: All prices are indicative and subject to the specific needs and scope of your project. For detailed pricing, please get in touch.

Not sure which package is right for you?
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Why Choose Binstellar for White Label PPC Services?

We provide clear, easy-to-understand monthly reports to keep you updated on your campaign’s success.
Our pricing covers everything you need, with no hidden fees.
We ensure your projects are completed on schedule, every time.
We use advanced tools to protect your campaigns from click fraud, ensuring your budget is spent effectively.
We continuously optimize your campaigns to improve performance and maximize ROI.
We maintain open and honest communication, so you always know how your campaigns are performing.

When You Are Partnering With Us, Just Leave Everything On Us!

Search Ads

Boost your visibility with targeted search ads that reach potential customers actively searching for your products or services.

Display Ads

Engage your audience with visually appealing display ads that capture attention and drive traffic to your site.

Google Shopping Ads

Showcase your products directly in Google search results with Shopping Ads, making it easy for customers to find and buy from you.

Video Ads

Create compelling video ads to capture your audience's attention and deliver your message effectively through engaging visual content.

Remarketing/ Retargeting

Reconnect with visitors who have interacted with your site, reminding them of your products and encouraging them to complete their purchases.

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