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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the cutting edge web technology that allows you to build a website with native apps like user experience, performance and behaviour. Binstellar is an early adopter of the PWA technology with several successful PWA projects for various business niches to its credit.


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Thanks to PWA you can build a website that behaves and performs like a native app making your audience and customers happier. Progressive Web Apps in spite of loading through a mobile browser can be saved as native apps on the Home Screen with easy one-touch access. PWAs also offer native apps like user interface, smooth and fast paced loading and offline access. Binstellar as the early adopter and leading PWA web developer service can help you get the best of this cutting edge web technology.

Our Services

PWA Development Services

Binstellar offers comprehensive PWA development services as per your business needs. We offer end to end PWA development services ranging from ideation, design and prototyping to development, migration and post-development support.

Our Services

PWA Development Services

Binstellar offers comprehensive PWA development services as per your business needs. We offer end to end PWA development services ranging from ideation, design and prototyping to development, migration and post-development support.

PWA Consulting

Any business wanting to take advantage of this awesome web technology for their business can consult our PWA experts and avail strategic guidance and meticulous planning on building a successful PWA website.

Custom PWA Development

Binstellar develops robust custom PWA websites that take advantage of the native app-like features to deliver a sophisticated web experience to the users and competitive digital presence for the business brands.

PWA Migration

We help you analyze their current strategy and level of success in the market in order to develop solutions that put you ahead.

PWA Optimisation

By mastering the art of web design and science of robust PWA development, Binstellar also helps optimise the performance, features and user experience design of your existing PWA websites.

PWA E-commerce Development

Binstellar also helps leveraging the PWA technology for e-commerce stores and helps developing dynamic, performance-savvy, feature-rich and sophisticated PWA e-commerce stores.

PWA Support and Maintenance

Binstellar offers fully committed support and maintenance services for all our PWA web clients and helps them stay tuned to the best performance standard, cutting edge features and uncompromising user experience.

General Knowledge of

PWA Development

Progressive Web App (PWA) refers to the web technology that allows a website to appear with native apps like performance, quick loading speed, Home Screen access, offline access and overall native user experience. This makes your users more comfortable as they get a superior user experience just like native apps while actually using a website through a browser.

If you have a traditional website you can just migrate to PWA technology and easily give a boost to the user experience of the website. Binstellar is an expert PWA development company with capability to develop separate PWA websites only to smoothly upload the same to the existing domain and complete the migration process without disrupting the runtime of your website.

Binstellar has been a leading PWA development company with years of experience and a solid track record of building feature rich PWAs. We have been an early starter with PWA technology and helped shaping several award winning and widely benchmarked web apps by using PWA technology.

Mobile web refers to the websites that are loaded through mobile browsers and offer a look, feel and user experience optimised for the mobile devices. PWA on the other hand, is a specific mobile web technology that loads a website through a mobile browser but offers several app-like features such as quick Home Screen access, offline access to content, closer integration with device features and instant loading speed.

The development time required by a PWA website depends on a range of factors such as the features and functionalities and project size, preferred technology stack and tools, developer skills and development method. BinStellar ensures fast paced PWA development by using agile development method, continuous testing and MVP approach.

The development cost of a PWA website depends upon a variety of variable factors such as the project size, feature set, complications, development method, etc. Irrespective of these variable factors, Binstellar offers industry’s most competitive pricing for PWA web development and helps further bringing down the development cost by embracing MVP approach.

Binstellar enjoys a competitive edge in PWA development as the early starter in this field and as the most sought after development company with a robust pool of high quality PWA websites for every business niche. We can give your web presence a sharp facelift with our expert PWA web development.

Dedicated developers are more committed, more focused and excellence driven than others. By taking onboard the expert PWA developers from the talent pool of BinStellar, you can easily get the growth story of your business website rolling.

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