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We at Binstellar offer comprehensive mobile app development service covering every aspect of the process starting from consulting and ideation, app design, integration and app management and support.


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Mobile App Development Services

At Binstellar we boast of years of experience in custom mobile applications design and development spanning across a wide range of industries and business niches ranging from retail to entertainment and media to healthcare to enterprise apps.

We have a proactive team of highly qualified developers and designers who can build apps based upon your business requirements and niche attributes. We take every app as a custom project and take our leads from business analysis to meticulous design and development considerations.

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Mobile App Development

At Binstellar, we offer really comprehensive design and development services and build highly expressive and feature-rich mobile apps for native platforms such as iOS and Android. We also build robust cross-platform apps and Progressive Web Apps catering to diverse mobile branding needs.


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At Binstellar, we offer really comprehensive design and development services and build highly expressive and feature-rich mobile apps for native platforms such as iOS and Android. We also build robust cross-platform apps and Progressive Web Apps catering to diverse mobile branding needs.

iOS App


We build powerful, stable, feature-rich, scalable and versatile iOS apps for mobile applications, including iPhone App Development, iPad App Development, Apple Watch App Development, Apple TV App Development, App Clips Development.
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Android App


We build powerful Android apps with sophisticated user experience for all major Android versions and devices. We build Android Mobile Apps, Android TV apps, Android Tablet Apps and Android Wearable Apps.
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Cross Platform App


We also develop robust and feature rich cross platform mobile apps that can be run across all devices and platforms including iOS, Android, web and desktop. We use most advanced technologies such as Flutter, Kotlin Multiplatform, React, Vue and a few others for building cross platform apps.
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Progressive Web App


We develop Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that can deliver the best of mobile app user experience and web apps. We build powerful PWAs combining advanced technical knowledge of web and mobile platforms.
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Mobile Development

Modern businesses need to build their own branded apps just to provide a better customer experience, convert more sales and stay ahead of the competition in terms of branding. Mobile apps help companies generate better return on investment in quick time and uplift the brand image.

To build your mobile app you should start with the platform that is used by your audience most. If you want to target the vast majority of people with a single app, Android is the best to begin with. If you want to target a niche audience with high purchasing power, iOS will be a better platform. Cross platform apps on the other hand will allow targeting larger audiences across the platforms.

The cost of mobile app development depends upon the particular choice of technologies, app features, challenges involved with the project and the hiring cost for developers. To build a powerful app at a lower cost, building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with key minimum features can be a good option. You can further add features and incorporate changes to an MVP app while the initial cost of development remains low.

Since every business is after building a mobile app for their branding and business operation, app development involves several key considerations to win this competition. These considerations include creative and unique design, sophisticated and effortless user experience, a skilled and experienced development team, robust post development support, etc.

Binstellar is popular for mobile app development projects and we are preferred businesses across all niches and sizes, ranging from startups to large enterprises, from e-commerce ventures to unique entertainment or productivity apps. Over the years we helped the mobile presence of multitude of brands with our mobile app development services.

The time for developing a mobile app website is dependent on several factors including the size and complexity of the web project, the features, UI/UX attributes, the chosen design and development tools, development methodologies and skills and experience of the developers. Depending on these factors for building a mobile app website it may take 15 days or a month of time.

Similar to the development time, the cost of developing a mobile app website also depends upon several key factors such as the size and complexity of the website, features of the website, UI/UX specifications and the experience and skills of the developers. At BinStellar, we ensure offering the most competitive rate for developing high performance mobile app websites for a wide array of business niches.

We at Binstellar, have a robust team of experienced mobile app developers with years of experience and several successful mobile app web development projects. Our mobile app developers bag a solid portfolio of successful mobile app websites developed for a wide array of business niches.

Dedicated developers are always preferred for their standalone commitment to excellence and it is not different in case of the mobile app developers as well. We at BinStellar, offer a big team of dedicated mobile app developers with years of solid experience and robust exposure across a wide variety of challenging mobile app projects.

Mobile App Development

APP Development

Professional mobile app development services tailored to your business needs, delivered on time and within budget.

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Web Services

Our web development services offer end-to-end solutions that help businesses build a strong online presence, increase engagement, and drive growth.

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UI/UX Services

Our UI/UX and branding services help businesses create immersive digital experiences which connect with their target audience, driving engagement and growth.

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