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When it comes to generating and posting material for your students, keeping track of their involvement and grading their work is all part of what Binstellar can assist you with as a trusted Moodle development company. All of your business needs can be met by our PHP developers, whether you want to upgrade your Moodle site or establish a whole new e-learning platform.


Our Moodle development services

Our expertise in MOODLE course customisation extends not just to the web but also to bespoke plugins or modules that are suited to your company's needs. We also have a strong mobile presence. Throughout the project, we communicate effortlessly with our, and also offer post-project support services.

  • Consultation Services

    Consultation Services

    We are leaders in providing the most reputable LMS consulting services to clients across many industry verticals.

  • LMS Customization

    LMS Customization

    Our customised and professional Moodle themes are aesthetically pleasing and intuitively intended to achieve particular business objectives.

  • LMS Migration and Integration

    LMS Migration and Integration

    With our help, you can easily migrate from your current LMS to Moodle and integrate any plugin.

  • Moodle Unique Design & Custom Theme Development

    Moodle Unique Design & Custom Theme Development

    We offer unique UI designs and custom Moodle theme development based on an educational institution's branding. This enables us to provide highly-tailored theme creation services with an intricate LMS workflow to enable student management with an intuitive user interface.

  • Moodle Core Upgrade & Plugin Upgrade Services

    Moodle Core Upgrade & Plugin Upgrade Services

    Moodle's core and plugins get regular updates and security patches. We maintain Moodle LMS with real-time and security updates to prevent unforeseen security breaches since Moodle LMS is routinely used online by students, tutors, managers, and admins.

  • LMS Mobile App and Plugin Development

    LMS Mobile App and Plugin Development

    With years of expertise in Moodle development, we can create error-free, dependable plugins that are not part of the Moodle community but are vital to your company’s objectives.

  • LMS Hosting

    LMS Hosting

    Our hosting services enable clients in the UK, Australia, United States and many other countries to provide a fulfilling e-learning environment for administrators, students, and teachers.

  • LMS Maintenance and Support

    LMS Maintenance and Support

    Our maintenance and support services are capable of addressing any administrative and technical concerns without wasting precious time.


Our Core Services

  • Strategy


    Building things that have never been done before is a common strategy followed at Binstellar. We research, clarify business and audience goals and establish a common vision.

  • Wireframe


    Capturing the wrongs before the implementation is our expertise. We implement this with our wireframe services. Let’s take the first step towards success with a user-centric wireframe.

  • Design


    Our strong design foundations help us to unify the complex purpose-driven thoughts and components into an empathetic, simple and clear user experience.

  • Development


    Development should be precise. As a leading web development company, we ensure any software or website or web app should work flawlessly for any user at any time.

  • Testing


    Our testing/QA services make us proud, as we go left to right and top to bottom and check the errors, making the software flawless from function to quality.


Our Work

Moodle Development

Moodle is a learning management system that was developed for educational institutions, but it is now used by businesses to conduct training sessions. Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) helps to enhance online teaching and learning for instructors, students, and administrators.

Moodle is a learning platform that allows the creation of online courses, the addition of tasks, and the monitoring of student progress. It also enables you to interact with students and facilitates student communication in forums and conversations.

Institutions like Moodle primarily because it is extremely adaptable, versatile, and packed with features. In addition to being able to change Moodle's open-source code, there are hundreds of Moodle plugins that enable you to customise Moodle's functionality to your specifications.

Moodle can detect cheating in online classrooms and online tests using a variety of techniques, including plagiarism screening, proctoring software, and lockdown browsers. These tools are applied independently by teachers or included as plugins.

Our Moodle consultants are highly trained, experienced, and professional programmers who utilise their expertise and experience to design high-quality Moodle-based solutions for your institution. We design solutions of world-class quality and provide development services for Moodle of the highest possible standard.

Moodle can be downloaded for free, however, there are extra costs associated with hosting. There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to these charges, which can rapidly mount up. Regardless of these considerations, the Moodle development team at Binstellar can assist you in building a significant presence at a really affordable price.

Hire dedicated Moodle developers from Binstellar who provide Moodle theme creation and integration, custom theme design and installation, custom course development, Moodle mobile app modification, module and extension development, Moodle upgrades and customisation, payment gateway integration, and more.

We have the necessary resources, both in terms of team and technology, to meet the needs of the education sector with our tailored e-learning solutions. Hire the top Moodle developers that are highly competent, skilled, and experienced to meet your web development and design demands.

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