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Hire NodeJS Developers India

Hire Node Js Developers India

As your trusted partner, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table, creating robust, scalable, and high-performance applications with Node JS that redefine the standards of the digital landscape.

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Why Hire NodeJS Developers India?

Our agile development methodologies ensure flexibility, rapid iterations, and quick responses to changes, and align perfectly with your business goals. Here’s why you should hire Node JS developers in India.


Global Technical Expertise

When you hire node js developers India, you’ll get access to the latest technologies. Their proficiency ensures that your applications not only stay current but also harness the full potential of these innovations, providing your business with a technological edge in the ever-evolving tech world.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Quality shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. When you hire Node JS developers in India, they deliver efficient and affordable solutions, striking a perfect balance between exceptional results and budget-friendly considerations for your business.


Scalability on Edge

Anticipating growth is crucial, but when you hire Node JS developers they work with a keen understanding of scalability, ensuring that your applications grow effortlessly with the expanding needs of your business.


Agile Development Approach

In the fast-paced digital realm, adaptability is paramount. When you hire Node JS developers in India, they respond to changes on the fly and keep your business moving forward at a pace that aligns with your unique requirements and market demands.

Advantages of Hiring NodeJS Developers from India

Cost of Developer2299$ / Month8000$ / Month9000£ / Month9000C$ / Month
Extend TeamWithin 2 daysMore than 30 daysMore than 30 daysMore than 45 days
Health InsuranceNil600$ / Month700$ / Month500$ / Month
Office Operation CostNil900$ / Month800$ / Month750$ / Month

NodeJS Development Case Studies

Multiplayer Gaming Application

Discord bot

Music Streaming Application

  • Tech Squad :
  • 3 Sr. Node JS developer, 1 Ui-UX expert, 2 QA
  • Team Experience :
  • 6 Years
  • Project Duration :
  • 2 Months
multiplayer gaming application

  • Tech Squad :
  • 3 Sr. Node JS developer, 1 Ui-UX expert, 2 QA
  • Team Experience :
  • 6 Years
  • Project Duration :
  • 2 Months
discord bot

  • Tech Squad :
  • 3 Sr. Node JS developer, 1 Ui-UX expert, 2 QA
  • Team Experience :
  • 6 Years
  • Project Duration :
  • 2 Months
music streaming application

NodeJS Developers Hiring Models

Hire Node JS Developers at your flexibility.

01 Full Time


Hours Per Day



02 Part Time


Hours Per Day



03 Hourly Hire




Maintenance Service
Benefits :

Choose Binstellar Technologies & get 7-days risk-free trial with our team of Indian developers.

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Why Business Choose Binstellar?

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Hire Expert NodeJS Programmers in India

We embrace agile methodologies, ensuring rapid development cycles, and quick adaptation to changes. Your projects benefit from the latest tools, frameworks, and best practices, ensuring they are not just current but future-proof.

Standard NodeJS DeveloperExpert NodeJS DeveloperFull Stack NodeJS Developer
Years of Experience1 to 3 Years4 to 7 Years2 to 8 Years
Project Managed25+37+39+
Hours Completed1500+3200+2100+

Technical Expertise :

  • Our developers excel in leveraging the event-driven architecture of Node.js development to create scalable and high-performance applications.
  • Our team of Node JS developers is proficient in Express.js and streamlines the creation of robust APIs and web applications, ensuring efficiency in handling HTTP requests and responses.
  • We harness the power of WebSocket and Socket.IO, our Node.js developers excel in creating real-time applications with seamless communication capabilities.
  • When you hire Node JS experts, they implement efficient and scalable database solutions, ensuring optimal storage and retrieval of data in Node.js applications.
  • Our team is adept at UI/UX designing and implementing RESTful APIs and facilitate smooth communication between different software components.
  • Embracing microservices, our developers design modular and scalable architectures, allowing for the development and deployment of independent, interconnected services.

Non Technical Expertise :

  • Beyond coding, our developers possess strong problem-solving skills, adept at troubleshooting and finding innovative solutions to challenges that may arise during development.
  • Effective communication is key. Our developers engage in clear, transparent communication, ensuring clients are well informed and involved throughout the development process.
  • Our team of Node JS developers showcases flexibility, adapting to changes and integrating new tools and technologies seamlessly.
  • Our developers thrive in a collaborative environment, working cohesively with designers, QA specialists, and clients to ensure a holistic and successful development process.
  • Our developers adopt a client-centric approach, aligning their efforts with the unique goals of each project.
  • Embracing agile methodologies, our developers ensure projects progress smoothly with iterative development cycles, fostering adaptability and responsiveness to client feedback.

Work with Top 5% NodeJS Developers

Why global brands prefer hiring talent from Binstellar

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40% Cost Advantage

7 days no-risk trial

No obligation interview

30-days replacement

Easy cancellation

2x Retention rate

Hire NodeJS Programmers India in a Click

Robust and scalable Node JS web applications require a team of expert developers. When you hire Node JS developers in India, you’ll tap into the world of transformative technology. With Binstellar, you’ll be working with skilled PHP developers who are ready to bring your visions to life.


Let’s Chat

Kick off your Node.js project by scheduling your free consultation. Share your vision, goals, and challenges. Our team is here to listen, understand, and offer insights that align with your unique needs.


Tailored Proposal

Once we’ve delved into your requirements, sit back as we create a detailed, transparent proposal. This blueprint outlines the scope, timeline, and investment for your Node.js project, ensuring clarity from the get-go.


Seal The Deal

Liked what you saw in the proposal? Sign on the dotted line, and let’s make it official! Your commitment marks the beginning of our collaborative journey toward bringing your Node.js project to life.


Development Stage

Once you finalize the deal, our team will start the development process, keeping you in the loop at every milestone. Have live updates about how your project evolves and takes shape with our agile and transparent approach.


Quality Check

Before your Node.js project sees the light of day, we conduct rigorous quality checks. From code reviews to performance testing, we check the details to ensure a seamless, top-notch Node JS project.


Launch and Beyond

We seamlessly launch your Node.js project and hand it over to you. But our commitment doesn’t end there. Count on our dedicated support as you navigate the journey post-launch, ensuring your success continues to soar.

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Top Skills to Consider when Hiring a NodeJS Developer

Hiring a Node.js developer requires a specific skill set to fully harness the capabilities of this technology. These developers play a great role in building scalable and efficient web applications. Here are the top key skills to look for in a Node.js developer:

Proficiency in JavaScript and ECMAScript Standards

A strong foundation in JavaScript, including the latest ECMAScript standards, is essential. Node.js is built on JavaScript, so developers need to be adept in JavaScript’s nuances, including asynchronous programming, closures, and callbacks. Understanding the newer ECMAScript features enhances their ability to write more efficient and maintainable code in Node.js.

Experience with Node.js Frameworks

Familiarity with popular Node.js frameworks, like Express.js, Koa, or Hapi, is crucial. These frameworks simplify tasks such as routing, middleware integration, and error handling. A developer skilled in these frameworks can expedite the development process, ensuring robust and maintainable server-side applications.

Understanding of Asynchronous Programming

Node.js operates on a non-blocking, event-driven architecture. Proficiency in asynchronous programming patterns, such as callbacks, promises, and async/await, is important. This skill allows developers to handle I/O-intensive operations efficiently, crucial for building high-performance applications.

Knowledge of Front-End Technologies

While primarily focused on the server side, a Node.js developer should have a good understanding of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and client-side JavaScript. This helps in seamless integration with front-end parts of the application and contributes to a more cohesive development process.

Database Management

Expertise in database technologies, both SQL and NoSQL, is important. Node.js developers should be adept at designing database schemas, writing queries, and integrating databases with Node.js applications, ensuring effective data storage, retrieval, and manipulation.

Experience with RESTful API Development

Skill in developing RESTful services is essential. Node.js is commonly used to create scalable APIs. A developer should be proficient in building and managing APIs, understanding how to structure them for efficiency and security.

Why Hire NodeJS Developers on Binstellar?

At Binstellar, we scale our business success with the project we delivers. You show trust on us, and we are on it to streamline everything.

Competitive Pricing


Transparency & Communication

Collaborative Approach

Tailored Solutions

High-Performing Apps

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