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Streamspace: A Comprehensive Enterprise-Level VPN Service

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As a SaaS-based product, Streamspace offers a secure and private browsing experience, coupled with a suite of integrated communication tools. Our platform features SMS and WhatsApp integration, ensuring that enterprise clients can seamlessly connect with their customer base on the most widely-used platforms.

One of the standout features of Streamspace is its dedicated mobile application for customer support agents. This app puts powerful support capabilities into the hands of agents, allowing for on-the-go, efficient customer service management. Streamspace’s commitment to smooth communication is further exemplified by its VIP-based calling integration, providing crystal-clear audio and reliable connections for important business calls.

In the realm of digital streaming, Streamspace provides video and audio streaming services. This allows for high-quality, uninterrupted music streaming and video presentations, vital for marketing and client engagement.


Our Process

Throughout the process, our development phase involved rigorous coding and testing to ensure scalability and reliability, with a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. We ensured that Streamspace, a sophisticated, enterprise-level VPN service equipped with SMS, WhatsApp integration, and a mobile support app, ensured our clients received a comprehensive, white-label solution tailored for B2B interactions.
project analysis

Project Analysis

Our team delved into the enterprise market to understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in securing their online activities. Our team gathered data on the latest cybersecurity threats, analyzed the most efficient communication systems, and explored the integration capabilities that modern companies require. This phase was about laying a solid foundation of knowledge to inform every other step of our process.


Our focus was on building a user interface that would be both intuitive and powerful, without compromising on security or functionality. We sketched, wireframed, and prototyped Streamspace with the end-user in mind, ensuring every element was aligned with the seamless experience enterprise clients expect.
development & deployment

Development & Deployment

The development stage saw our design blueprints come to life. Our team coded tirelessly, incorporating robust encryption, reliable connectivity, and seamless communication tools into Streamspace. Every line of code was written with the scalability and flexibility required for enterprise-level operation. This ensured that Streamspace would stand strong as a SaaS-based VPN service with SMS, WhatsApp integration, and cloud-based calling.
deliver & support

Deliver & Support

We rolled out the platform with comprehensive support and training materials, ensuring that businesses could leverage its full potential from day one. Our delivery was not the end but the beginning of a new phase of continuous support and iterative improvements, ensuring Streamspace remains synonymous with excellence in enterprise VPN solutions.

StreamSpace Project Overview

Streamspace is a cloud-based calling system designed for white-label use in BPO and customer support sectors. Companies can brand and sell this service under their own name, offering a powerful, subscription-based tool to enhance their offerings. This white-label solution is perfect for B2B and enterprise clients or large-scale companies looking to expand their service portfolio with reliable, high-quality communication tools.

The Challenge

Enterprises facing the daunting challenge of securing their online presence and communications. The need for a robust VPN that could offer not only security but also seamless integration with communication tools was clear. Companies required a solution that could handle vast data transfers securely, support global communication, and provide white-label services for BPO and customer support operations.

The Solution

Streamspace emerged as the solution to these challenges – a SaaS-based product engineered to deliver top-tier VPN services. It was designed to integrate seamlessly with SMS and WhatsApp, providing a unified communication platform. We developed a mobile app for agents, ensuring customer support was responsive and agile.

The Result

The result was a comprehensive, cloud-based communication system that enterprises could depend on. Streamspace provided secure and private connectivity, with the added benefit of being a white-label solution that companies could offer under their own branding. It answered the call for a versatile VPN service that was not only powerful but also offered value-added services, making it ideal for large-scale companies and enterprise-level clients.


seamless calling functionality

Seamless Calling Functionality

Streamspace offers a seamless calling functionality that transforms enterprise communication. With a single click, users can initiate or receive calls, bridging the gap between global teams and clients. This feature addresses the business challenge of complicated and often unreliable communication systems. The intuitive interface ensures calls are easily managed and tracked, improving operational efficiency and enhancing the user experience.

Integrated Tagging System

Following each call, Streamspace’s integrated tagging system allows users to categorize calls with customizable tags such as ‘Follow-Up’, ‘Interested’, or ‘Issue Resolved’. This feature addresses the challenge of managing client interactions and streamlines the process of sorting and prioritizing communications. It is particularly beneficial for customer support teams, aiding in the quick retrieval of call logs for efficient service management.
integrated tagging system

Mobile App for Customer Support

Streamspace provides a dedicated mobile app for customer support, ensuring that agents have the flexibility to provide support from anywhere, at any time. This mobile solution addresses the challenge of on-the-go support in today’s mobile-first world. It allows customer service teams to deliver prompt responses, improving customer satisfaction and operational agility.

Comprehensive Communication Suite

The communication suite in Streamspace is a comprehensive solution that includes SMS and WhatsApp integration. It tackles the challenge of disconnected communication channels by consolidating various modes of communication into one platform. This enables businesses to engage with their customers on their preferred platforms without switching between different applications, fostering better customer relations and streamlined workflows.


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