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react Js

Technologies : Laravel | Vue.JS | MySQL | AI

web & iOS mobile

Built for : Online CRM


Industry : Mining industry


Country : India

About Project

Shivam Group, a leader in the mining industry was juggling half of their business processes manually. This approach was time-consuming and left ample room for human error and inefficiency. They needed a solution to digitize their operations, streamline processes, and ultimately enhance productivity. The CRM provided a unified platform for managing all customer interactions. From tracking customer communication to managing sales pipelines, everything was digitized and made more efficient.
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Our Process

The development phase was an iterative process, where we focused on integrating AI capabilities to automate mundane tasks, such as data entry and customer query handling. We ensured that the CRM could seamlessly collect and analyze customer data, providing insightful business intelligence. Real-time reporting features were integrated, transforming how the client viewed and used data for strategic decisions.

We wanted the client’s team, who were accustomed to manual operations, to find the digital transition smooth and intuitive. Training sessions and detailed guides were part of our rollout plan, ensuring every team member should be comfortable in using the new system.

project overview

Project Overview

Building an AI-Enabled CRM came with its set of challenges, but each one led us to innovative solutions and rewarding results. Employees who were initially hesitant to embrace the new system started recognizing its benefits, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was integrating diverse data sources into the CRM. Our client had vast amounts of unstructured data spread across different platforms. Creating a CRM that was both highly customized yet user-friendly posed a significant challenge. We needed to ensure the system was powerful without being overly complex.

The Solution

We developed a solution for effectively consolidating and organizing disparate data sources. This involved using advanced data management techniques and AI algorithms to structure and synthesize data seamlessly. Our team struck a balance between customization and simplicity by creating an intuitive user interface. We included customizable dashboards and easy navigation tools, ensuring the CRM was both powerful and accessible to all users.

The Result

With streamlined data integration, the client experienced a significant improvement in operational efficiency. Processes that were once manual and time-consuming became automated and fast.


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